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Predicting the 2019 NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament



Facing elimination and climbing all the way back from 10th place in the Elite Eight, Matt was one of just two Bracketballers with 2 of the Final Four teams correct. The other was Charlie. They finish 1 & 2 on the strength of those picks. Matt is a first-time Bracketball Champ and the 19th winner overall in the 29-year Bracketball history.

Matt's trophy will be presented by the 2018 Champ, Jessica.

Congratulations to Matt, and thank you to all Bracketballers for playing!


For the uninitiated, "Bracketball" is another type of Bracketology Game.  It has been played annually for the past 28 years, as family and friends compete for bragging rights and the coveted Bracketball trophy by trying to most accurately predict the winners of the NCAA men's college basketball tournament.  We use this online office pool software to track results, trash talk, and generally give us a reason to watch all 63 games!