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Predicting the 2019 NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament

King for a Day

Steve relinquishes the Lead

After going a perfect 16-for-16 on Day 1, Steve proved that we is indeed human, going 10-for-16 in yesterday's action. Kyle made a huge leap forward, taking advantage of 5 early bonus points by picking all 8 first round games correctly in a region. He got all 8 in the West. He also took advantage of some upset points yesterday. For the first time, ALL 4 9-seeds beat all 4 8's. Kyle, Doug, Matt, and Steve picked all 4.

Good Luck to All Bracketballers in the 3rd Day of Action!


For the uninitiated, "Bracketball" is another type of Bracketology Game.  It has been played annually for the past 28 years, as family and friends compete for bragging rights and the coveted Bracketball trophy by trying to most accurately predict the winners of the NCAA men's college basketball tournament.  We use this online office pool software to track results, trash talk, and generally give us a reason to watch all 63 games!